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Natural Remedies To Stay Fit

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is a famous saying and one people tend to forget. When they hear adverse comments about their looks and appearances, people get emotionally affected and take adverse steps to fit into a socially accepted mold. As a result, they suffer a number of health complications as they age.

Stay Fit Naturally

So, how can one stay fit and healthy without resorting to extreme measures? Here are a few tips:


One of the most overlooked or neglected factors in today’s lifestyle. Today we are running after money and positions in life that we forget about ourselves. If possible everyone is ready to work overtime to get that coveted position in their office. One does not realize just because age is on their side, they cannot keep running. They need to give their minds a break and body the rest it deserves; else it is going to break down sooner than expected.

One needs a good night’s sleep, every night. If not 7 or 8 hours, at least 6 hours of undisturbed sleep is recommended. This is essential because this is when the body recovers and heals. Even when you exercise, if you don’t give your body the rest it deserves, it cannot recover.


While avoiding certain food s is advisable for faster weight loss, it is not advisable to cut back on everything. If you are a person who consumes carbs on a daily basis, cutting it out completely overnight is not advisable. Your body is used to getting its source of energy from the food you consume and if you suddenly switch the foods, the body may not be able to cope up.

This sudden change in diet can result in cravings and may even cause your system to break down and have an adverse effect. When the body is starved, it starts storing everything you eat instead of digesting it. This is a natural way in which the body protects itself and ensures it has enough energy to function.


Supplements are a combination of ingredients that help the body burn fat and essential nutrients that help fuel the body without starving it. When you are cutting back on certain foods to reduce weight gain, you are also cutting back on the essential nutrients these foods offer. The supplements are a good source of such essential nutrients to the body, without adding weight.

However, ensure you do enough research before you start consuming any supplements. Check if it is clinically tested and if it will help you reach your goal.

5 Ways To Stay Fit During The Winter

With the arrival of the winter, gone are the fitness ambitions of many, thanks to the myriad of challenges offered by this inclement weather condition that comes in the way of the significant fitness practices of the enthusiasts. From snowy morning to windy evening, every hour of the day is eager to disrupt your fitness ventures, unfortunately. As if these are not enough, the gloominess of the environment upsets your spirit of being active, which is again going to do nothing fruitful for your fitness-related goals.

But, this doesn’t mean you have to bid adieu to the idea of being fit during the winter, as thankfully, the following 5 simple approaches are available.

  • ‘Do It At Home’ Fitness Videos

What if you can’t venture out due to snowy weather conditions, a person eager to stay fit will always find a way, just like the one offered by these ‘Do It At Home’ Fitness Videos. These videos will contain simple, yet, effective strategies that can be easily followed at the comfort of your home that can help you achieve your fitness-related goals gradually.

  • Mindful Eating

If you fail to control your mouth then, whatever physical activity you adhere to will certainly fail to produce the desirous effect in your body, undoubtedly! And that too during the winters, where you are already struggling to keep yourself physically active, it is certainly important to practice mindful eating that can ensure your fitness is satisfactorily taken care of.

  • Natural weight-loss supplements

Can you forsake the idea of maintaining your weight for a trivial cause, such as the winter? Not after you have sweat a lot to achieve the desirous position in the weighing scale, which can also become a hurdle in your fitness journey. Hence, to avoid this from happening, resorting to weight-loss supplements that are naturally made can be a simplistic solution, which can be chosen only after understanding the genuine suggestions offered by genuine wellness-related websites like!

  • Winter-friendly activities

There are much more fun-filled and realistic ways than to hit your gym to maintain the fitness, especially during the winters, which you can pursue to upheld your fitness-related goals. Skiing, ice-rink skating, and sledding are few of those winter-friendly activities that are not only fun-filled but also effective in helping you preserve your valuable fitness!

  • Stick to your schedule strictly

Dedication is the key to achieve the success, which is very well needed during challenging scenarios like the winters. You should strictly adhere to whatever schedule you prepare to meet your fitness-related ambitions so that the gloomy winter does not impede them, at any cost!


Healthy Living Is Happy Living

Like how money and workloads are given importance these days, it is also important and essential that people look after their health and dedicate some time for this. A healthy living is what would make a man happy and it will not only make his life colorful but also relaxed. Here there is more stress laid on good and healthy eating habits and a regular exercise regime. Both these are important to make a person live fit and fine. A person who is happy from inside, ie, who keeps his body happy is able to be happy everywhere and he also knows the right mode of handling stress and pressures. These have become very common these days with increased workloads and the most important thing missing in everybody is the tactics to handle this pressure which beyond a stage becomes too much and completely conquers the minds of people never letting them stay at peace. This situation needs to be changed. And it is for this that there is a strong and repeated emphasis on regular workouts and healthy eating.

Beauty tips

A healthy eating and happy living does not only make you fit and fine from inside but also beautiful and charming from outside. Yes, you will be able to feel and experience a change in yourself when you follow these regularly. There would be a glow on the face and it would always look fresh and ready for the day. It is nothing but the strict regime followed by the person on a regular basis that enables and enhances the beauty of a person. So if you are under a strict, healthy and balanced diet coupled with a regular exercise schedule, you are sure to look refreshed without actually going for anything artificial.

When a person is under a healthy and good diet, the good points in the body are activated and he gets to feel the energy flowing through his body at the full speed. A healthy body is nothing but one that has all the essential nutrients and vitamins in equal and sufficient quantities and it is this balanced mixture that helps in the proper functioning of the entire body by supplying the essential nutrients in the correct quantities to the various parts of the body.

Read more from the websites that are dedicated to such interesting topics and try falling back on natural remedies and sources for both your body and skin.

Face Is The Index Of The Mind And Body

Happiness or bad times, everything gets easily expressed by the face of a person. So if you are happy from inside your face is brightened up and you start glowing but at the same time if you are sad and gloomy, your face looks droopy. So, all our emotions and feelings are easily represented by our faces. There are a lot of repercussions to this and it is not just the feeling of sadness or happiness and most importantly this has a direct link with the beauty factor too of a person. Want to know how and why. Check this out here and continue reading to gain more knowledge about this simple fact.

  • When a person is sad or feels low, the first thing that starts appearing on his face are the wrinkles. Of course, these are natural when a person starts aging but in the modern day world even the ones in their 30`s and 40`s have started losing their youth and the main reason for this is the excessive tensions and pressures. Now, these wrinkles would slowly start engulfing your face with more lines and marks when this is not treated at the right time. The first and probably the best treatment or remedy for this would be to not to take tensions and work pressures so close to the heart which would automatically make you feel better. Secondly for the lines that have already appeared and spoiled your beauty, go in for natural masks or lotions that would, without any side-effects clear the wrinkles out from your face.
  • A poor or a deficient diet would also be a reason for a person to lose his or her charm and beauty on the face. A person is healthy only when he has all the essential and vital nutrients in the correct quantity in his body and it is this balanced presence of all these that would help a person stay fit and fine. Understand that every part of the body requires all these major nutrients in correct quantities for their regular functioning and it is only when they function properly would you feel and have the results on you especially the A glowing and charming face is also an indicator that the person is living a healthy lifestyle. So to keep you healthy and glowing from top to toe, you need to follow a strict and simple diet along with some workout and supplements.


Here is a list of things you can do to stay healthy, glowing and beautiful

Have you lost the charm already?

Life is queer with its twists and turns and every one of us sometime or the other learns this; and the hard way too. The problem with realization is that by the time the sage moment hits, it is either too late to make any amends at all or you have lost the will to make amends. You kind of make peace with your condition and try to pop a pill or limp your way to the rest of your existence.

But the question I want to pose here is why?

Why must you ever try to compromise in life when you can follow some golden rules and live life in the pink of health? They say life is beautiful only if you have health and nothing is more wisely said than this.

Maintenance is the key:

Let us take the analogy of a thing, say an electronic machine that makes your job easier. Now, when the machine is bought, it is obvious that it is brand new and it will perform to its optimum level but the problem will start when it becomes slightly old. And once you start noticing slight discrepancies in the output quality of the machine, what do you generally do? You do not replace it especially if it has cost you a lot of money. You would rather call an engineer and try to maintain it to the best possible because that would definitely cost you only a fraction of buying a newer machine.

Now your body also needs complete maintenance and overhauling every few day. Maintaining your body a la the machine will make sure that you run well throughout the various push and pull factors of your life. Of course, you cannot dispose your body and replace it with a new one! But you must definitely maintain it in the best way possible.

Eat healthily:

Eat whole foods and make sure that they are organically grown. Also, reduce eating too much of processed food and avoid drinking too much of alcohol;

Exercise your way to fitness:

Maintaining a great level of fitness is your ticket to health. Make sure to exercise actively at least three days in a week and see the difference it makes to your beauty! You can thank me later!!

Using chemical beauty products:

If you need to use beauty enhancing products then you will have to consciously veer away from the chemical based ones and go towards the nature-based ones. Zona Bellezza products that I have come across are one great alternative to shift from the ones that are lining your beauty shelves just now. You can explore the beauty and health products that they have by the dozens and you will never feel sorry for trying them. Trust me they not only work but they give you freedom from all long-term side effects because they are a hundred percent natural!


Transformation made simple

It is human nature that we always look for easy and simple methods to complete any task. Losing weight is one of the few things that cannot be done easily or that are what we used to think. Many people do not even mind the invasive techniques of liposuction and gastric bypass surgery etc. Though these may turn out to be very expensive and may have severe side effects.

The best option

Here is a miracle of nature that has been rediscovered and it is helping people to lose weight the healthy way and become fitter than before. It is in the form of a capsule containing the extracts of Garcinia Cambogia fruit. This is specifically helpful for the people who have tried to lose weight through the traditional method of exercising and diet control. With Max Fit Garcinia, people can get the benefits of a natural ingredient that has established its efficiency repeatedly. This is the right choice for anyone who understands the significance of natural products.

How is it manufactured

There are no dangerous or unsafe ingredients in this capsule. It contains naturally extracted concentrated form of the fruit and some other natural minerals and elements to improve its performance. The entire process of manufacturing is monitored and completed using latest technology following safety norms. The combination is highly effective for everyone who is looking for a safe and organic alternative to chemical medicines for weight loss.

The effect of this capsule

First of all, it increases the metabolism in the body. The cause of obesity is decreased metabolism, overeating and lack of exercise. This fruit extract works directly on one of these aspects and that is the metabolic rate of the body. It also helps to eliminate the fat cells. This capsule contains an acid called HCA- which melts away the existing fat in the body and prevents further storage of fat cells.

This compound also reduces stress levels and as we know that stress induced eating is a major concern. This capsule helps to release serotonin, that helps the mind to relax and makes us feel happy.This slowly improves our satiation levels and we start to eat less. With more energy we are able to work more, exercise more and eat less. The nutrients in the capsule and the altered life style help us to reach the goal of reducing weight. We find it easy to follow the regime and can maintain our health at the optimum level.

You must search online to find a genuine seller or distributor and buy from a trustworthy website like mentioned above. Then see the miracle work on the fat cells in your body. You will be amazed and your friends too will compliment you on the way you look. It is all about good health and that will reflect in a younger and fitter you.





Today, all of us are in a mad rush at all times. The sheer number of duties and responsibilities have simply escalated and one does not have enough quality time.

Importance Of Self Indulgence

No matter how hectic your lie is, spending some time on yourself is very important for your emotional well being. Here are some of the reasons as to why self indulgence is necessary:

  • Relaxing

When one is constantly on the run, they forget to sit back and relax. What is the use in running and completing tasks when you can’t sit back and enjoy your own work? One has to take some time off on a regular basis to just sit back, relax and do nothing.

  • Productivity

When you are relaxed, you tend to focus better. More the focus, better is the productivity. This way one gets more work done than constantly running around with too much on their mind. When your mind is relaxed, it can process things better and faster. This is how one can come up with newer ideas. If the mind is too tired, there is very little room left for innovative thinking as one would just carry on the work methodically.

  • Emotional Balance

Emotional quotient is increasingly gaining attention as companies are realizing the importance of emotional well being of their staff. If a person is emotionally off balance, no matter how many extra hours of work they put in, their rate of productivity will be low. This will hinder the performance of self and the company as a whole. In order to maintain this balance, one has to set aside time for self.

  • Health

When you are relaxed, your blood pressure is well maintained and other health issues are kept at bay. Anxiety is one of the leading causes for heart attacks and other issues in today’s generation.  Keeping oneself calm can keep many health risks at bay.

  • Feel Better

When you set aside some quality “me time” you will learn to appreciate yourself better. In today’s competitive world, everyone is always looking for appraisal and no one has time for that. When you appreciate yourself, you will work better and expect lesser in return. This will increase productivity and commitment. When your spend time just on yourself, you will feel better and learn to appreciate your own work and talents.

  • Appearance

When you are relaxed, it reflects on your face. A calm and poised person can smile more often and easily. This makes them look very friendly and approachable. When you look happy and poised, you tend to look younger and friendlier. This is a big bonus in today’s corporate world. One can climb the corporate and social ladder if they are approachable and easy to get along with.

Where To Indulge?

So, where can you indulge in yourself? You can do it in the privacy of your home but your mind will tend to wander or family members can intrude. The best way is to hit a parlor or salon like Szepseg Egeszseg, where one gets all the pampering and undisturbed me time.



the ruins at Comalcalco

One of the most intriguing sites was the ruins at Comalcalco. Instead of the usual stone, the buildings are made of clay bricks, some which have “makers marks” identical to those found in the Mediterranean area. Also found were unusual heads, including one of a bearded man, and etchings.

Click thumbnails to see full size photos.

We made a stop in the village of Comalcalco at the cocoa plantation that produces Wolters Chocolate for a tour of the gardens, museum and historic home. Those are cocoa pods, growing directly out of the trunk of the tree. The stunning huge pyramid seen when first entering the archeological site at Comalcalco reminded us of photos of ziggurats we’d seen built in ancient Mesopotamia. It is built of flat kiln-dried red clay bricks and looks quite different from most other Mayan pyramids. Another building from Colmacalco, showing some remaining stucco. There are several small groups on the open area of this interesting site.
Some carving remained at the acropolis. Part of a tomb, that had been robbed and the sarcophagus taken, shows great similarity to the tomb of Pakal. The Nine Lords, depicted on the sides of Pakal’s sarcophagus are shown here on the walls.
An overview of the site from top of the hill that houses the Palacio. Some of the clay bricks at the site had primitive etchings on them. Others had marks that are almost identical to those used by masons in Old Rome.
The small museum at the site has some interesting artifacts taken from the site, including these unusual heads, all larger than life-size, of men and gods. Note the bearded man at the left. (Click each for a better view) For interesting papers on these heads, click here and here.

One of your iVillage Fat Flush© Community Leaders …

One of your iVillage Fat Flush© Community Leaders … 

Here are a few changes in addition to weight loss that I’ve noticed:

  • Cholesterol down 42 points (18%), triglycerides down 133 points (47%), substantially improved LDL/HDL ratio. All within acceptable ranges.
  • Before Fat Flush© I frequently had minor joint and muscle pains. They occur only rarely now.
  • I had plantar fasciitis (heel pain) so severe I could hardly walk in the morning and even wore night splints to help. It has disappeared completely, almost from the beginning.
  • I was taking Prilosec for acid stomach and GERD. With doctor’s OK, I stopped and have had no problems.
  • I stopped using my hormone patch, again with doctor’s OK.
  • I can do a shoulderstand (though I have to roll up from a seated position), get up from the floor without using my hands (not gracefully yet) and put on my pants without holding on to something for balance. (Updates: 12/5/03, did shoulderstand from flat start on floor for the first time in my life! 4/23/04, actually tapped floor with each foot in Plough. Can’t recall last time that happened.)
  • My hair, skin and nails all seem in better condition.
  • I weigh less than my husband for the first time in decades.
  • The first week, my badly swollen ankles receded to absolutely normal.
  • My posture is much improved.
  • Two years and a bit after starting FF my long distance and mid-range vision has improved considerably. Close-up still fine. My doctor says it may be due to change and diet and supplements as well as “keeping active.”


4 –



Skin is one of the most precious commodities when it comes to an individual. A person will be ready to try any number of remedies or solutions to fix skin issues and if analyzed, skin care could be consuming a major part of your personal expenses.

As one ages, the skin problems start coming up one by one, demanding our attention. though one may have ignored the warning signs when they were young, they cannot continue to do so when they hit adulthood. As one ages, it becomes important to take good care of your skin as this is where the first signs of aging occurs. Though one can use GojiCream and maintain their skin, it is important to take proper care.

Signs To Look Out For

Wondering how to identify aging skin? Have you been ignoring the following warnings?

  • Skin Folds On Neck

The neck is one of the most neglected regions of the body. One may spend a lot on a variety of creams, but the application stops with the face. Very rarely does one spend time massaging a cream into their neck. This is because the neck is not exposed much unless fully extended.

This being the case, the neck can start showing signs of aging much before other parts of the body. As the skin loses elasticity, it will form fold and more so on the neck as this part of the skin is very delicate.

  • Sagging Breasts

The breasts are made of soft tissues which tend to lose elasticity very easily too. This is one of the major concerns and giveaway signs for a woman. As one ages, the estrogen production comes down, leading to sagging breasts.

  • Spots

As the skin ages and gets exposed to sun, the damage shows up in the form of spots. One can see older people with spots on their hands. This is because of a reduction in the levels of collagen that makes the veins stand out more prominently.  Extended exposure can cause these spots to occur much earlier.

  • Feet Get Sore

During younger years, one tends to be physically active and be on their feet a lot. Women flaunt high heels at this age.  As one ages, the feet start losing their strength and show signs of aging in the form of pains and aches. The heel and the ball of the feet start aching. One can even experience flat foot as the arch in the foot starts reducing with age.

  • Dark Circles

Dark circles under your eyes are not the result of a long night or a week of sleepless nights alone. As one ages, the delicate skin under the eyes begin to wrinkle and lose their elasticity. They get saggy and darker with age. Straining the eyes too much in front of a monitor can also result in such skin damage.

  • Wrinkles

Wrinkles are the biggest giveaways for aged skin. As the collagen levels decrease in the body, the skin starts wrinkling and bunching up.

One can avoid or at least prolong the aging of skin by taking proper care at a younger age. The perfect way to care for the skin is to be preventive rather than go for remedies once the problem shows up. A well maintained skin looks younger for longer time.




Serves 4 to 6 … Adaptation of UK classic. This is good for picnics, snacks. Serve hot or cold

1 pound ground turkey

Seasoning (I used about 1 tsp. each dry mustard, dill and ground fennel, 1/4 teas. ground cloves, pinch of cayenne)

6 hard-cooked eggs, peeled

Salt and pepper (Phase 3 only)

1 egg, slightly beaten

1/2 Tablespoon water

2 slices toast, made into crumbs (or 1/2 cup ground flax seed)

Mix ground turkey with seasonings. Divide into six portions, flatten (I used waxed paper), and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Shape each portion around a hard-cooked egg.

Beat egg and mix in water. Roll egg in this mixture, then gently in breadcrumbs or flax seed.

Place on rack in a baking pan. (If your rack doesn’t have a non-stick finish, you need to spray it with a non-stick spray before placing eggs on it.) Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Turn once after 15 minutes.

Can be cut into halves or quarters before serving.


2 –


Stomach issues have never spared anyone. With the increased consumption of fast foods and take aways, one can never be too sure about the hygiene of the quality of food they consume. One can never gauge which restaurant serves lower quality food to cut corners and make a little extra profit.

With the variety of foods available today, one gets tempted to try it all or eat from a different place every day. As a result, there are too many foreign ingredients in the stomach at any given point of time.


Stomach bugs and parasites are a common phenomenon with kids and adults who eat out regularly. The effect of these parasites on people varies from person to person. Here are a few things one can do, to reduce such occurrences:

  • Clean Hands

Our hands are what attract majority of the germs to our system. One can never be too cautious about where they put their hands. It is always important to wash your hands before you touch any food. This is one of the most basic lessons we learn as a child but as we grow and our immunities get stronger, this basic lesson takes a back seat and we just go on eating with dirty hands, until we are met with an episode of stomach parasites.

  • Cautious

Be aware of the place you choose to eat from. though eating from small stalls or road side take away counters is okay, ensure the place you buy your food from is clean and well maintained. It need not be sparkling clean to pass a star hotel test. However, basic hygiene must be maintained and the food should be clean.

  • Well Cooked

Meat tastes delicious when it is rare or medium grilled/ cooked. Though this can be a treat to your taste buds, this can be a breeding ground for parasites. Indulge in such foods at lesser frequency. Eating well cooked food will ensure your stomach is also kept clean as the germs are killed in the process of cooking.

  • Watch For Signs

One of the most important steps to take is to be proactive. It is your stomach and your health, no one but you can be a better judge of the situation. If you feel uneasy or are experiencing indigestion, check with a doctor or take some medicines that have been prescribed for such situations. You may think nothing can affect you. No matter how many hours you spend at the gym, when a stomach bug hits you, your body will react and will need to be taken care of appropriately.

The above steps are precautions one must take at all times. In cases where you are affected by a stomach parasite, Detoxic can save the day. This is a medically tested drug to kill and get rid of stomach parasites effectively and quickly.

This formula can get rid of the worms in your intestines, thus making your body healthier and stronger from within. Getting a stomach bug is not preventable at all times. However, finding a remedy and attending to the situation immediately is definitely possible and advisable.