Timing a trip to coincide with the main blooming season is always tricky


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Today, all of us are in a mad rush at all times. The sheer number of duties and responsibilities have simply escalated and one does not have enough quality time.

Importance Of Self Indulgence

No matter how hectic your lie is, spending some time on yourself is very important for your emotional well being. Here are some of the reasons as to why self indulgence is necessary:

  • Relaxing

When one is constantly on the run, they forget to sit back and relax. What is the use in running and completing tasks when you can’t sit back and enjoy your own work? One has to take some time off on a regular basis to just sit back, relax and do nothing.

  • Productivity

When you are relaxed, you tend to focus better. More the focus, better is the productivity. This way one gets more work done than constantly running around with too much on their mind. When your mind is relaxed, it can process things better and faster. This is how one can come up with newer ideas. If the mind is too tired, there is very little room left for innovative thinking as one would just carry on the work methodically.

  • Emotional Balance

Emotional quotient is increasingly gaining attention as companies are realizing the importance of emotional well being of their staff. If a person is emotionally off balance, no matter how many extra hours of work they put in, their rate of productivity will be low. This will hinder the performance of self and the company as a whole. In order to maintain this balance, one has to set aside time for self.

  • Health

When you are relaxed, your blood pressure is well maintained and other health issues are kept at bay. Anxiety is one of the leading causes for heart attacks and other issues in today’s generation.  Keeping oneself calm can keep many health risks at bay.

  • Feel Better

When you set aside some quality “me time” you will learn to appreciate yourself better. In today’s competitive world, everyone is always looking for appraisal and no one has time for that. When you appreciate yourself, you will work better and expect lesser in return. This will increase productivity and commitment. When your spend time just on yourself, you will feel better and learn to appreciate your own work and talents.

  • Appearance

When you are relaxed, it reflects on your face. A calm and poised person can smile more often and easily. This makes them look very friendly and approachable. When you look happy and poised, you tend to look younger and friendlier. This is a big bonus in today’s corporate world. One can climb the corporate and social ladder if they are approachable and easy to get along with.

Where To Indulge?

So, where can you indulge in yourself? You can do it in the privacy of your home but your mind will tend to wander or family members can intrude. The best way is to hit a parlor or salon like Szepseg Egeszseg, where one gets all the pampering and undisturbed me time.



Amsterdam & Flevo          Barging I          Tulip Time          Barging II          Belgium

Tulip fields
Fields of narcissus and tulips viewed from within Keukenhof Gardens.
Hyacinth fields
The hyacinths, seen as one nears the Gardens were in full bloom.
Hyacinth fields Phil and Martha
Phil and Martha are squinting at the sun, not scowling, among the blooms.
Keukenhohof hostesses
Hostesses in historical costumes greet visitors to the gardens.
Keukenhof Gardens
With 7 million bulbs planted each year …
Keukenhof Gardens
… in acres of park land …
Keukenhof Gardens
there are many beautiful walks.
Keukenhof Gardens
Almost everywhere you turn …
Keukenhof Gardens
… there are beautiful vistas …
Keukenhof Gardens
… but remember to stay on the paths.
Keukenhof Gardens, pavilionBeds and beds of blooms are also under cover in the pavilions.
Keukenhof Gardens blooms
“Dreamboat” is an old-style shape with modern colors.
Keukenhof Gardens blooms
Note the huge blooms compared to my gloved hand.
Keukenhof Gardens blooms
“Silk Surprise”
Keukenhof Gardens blooms
“Purple Lady”
Keukenhof Gardens old car
Setting up a display.
Keukenhof Gardens blooms
More blooms … narcissus?
Keukenhof Gardens blooms
More narcissus
Keukenhof Gardens blooms
“Parrot” type tulip bloom
Keukenhof Gardens, windmill
Of course, there is a windmill.
Keukenhof Gardens, street organ
Some visitors were dancing to the lively tunes of the colorful street organ.
Keukenhof Gardens, cat statueKeukenhof Gardens, bronze hoop statue
Statuary punctuated plants (How did they get me with a hula hoop?)
Keukenhof Gardens, floating stautuary
We loved this floating imp.
Keukenhof Gardens, wooden hawkKeukenhof Gardens, wooden hawk
Old tree stumps became hawks and eagles.
Keukenhof Gardens, roos
The Roos (rose) Table
Keukenhof Gardens, seats
These stylish seats were just for show.
Keukenhof Gardens, furry chickens
In the petting zoo, these fluffy chickens looked almost furry.
Keukenhof Gardens duck Keukenhof Gardens duck Keukenhof Gardens ducks
Of course there were ducks … and a great-crested grebe with babies on her back.
Keukenhof Gardens grebe w/ babies
Aalsmeer Flower Market
All these blooms aren’t just “pretty, pretty.” They’re part of a serious business …
Aalsmeer Flower Market
As illustrated by this bidding room at the Aalsmeer Bloemenveiling, the largest flower auction in the world.
Aalsmeer Flower Market
Cart after cart of fresh flowers…  .
Aalsmeer Flower Market
packed for shipping await its fate.
Aalsmeer Flower Market
The carts are herded by workers on bicycles and electric carts.
Aalsmeer Flower Market
By mid-morning, the floor was emptying as shipments were assigned.
Rose arrangement
But the main crop in the Netherlands is actually roses …
Rose greenhouse
… such as those grown in this large tropical greenhouse in Burgerveen.
Tropical garden plants
The greenhouse also housed a tropical garden …
Mary feeding koi
… where Mary stopped to feed the koi …
which came bubbling to the surface of the water.
Rose garden cat
The greenhouse cat had found its own spot to snooze.