ruins at Comalcalco.

One of the most intriguing sites was the ruins at Comalcalco. Instead of the usual stone, the buildings are made of clay bricks, some which have “makers marks” identical to those found in the Mediterranean area. Also found were unusual heads, including one of a bearded man, and etchings.

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We made a stop in the village of Comalcalco at the cocoa plantation that produces Wolters Chocolate for a tour of the gardens, museum and historic home. Those are cocoa pods, growing directly out of the trunk of the tree. The stunning huge pyramid seen when first entering the archeological site at Comalcalco reminded us of photos of ziggurats we’d seen built in ancient Mesopotamia. It is built of flat kiln-dried red clay bricks and looks quite different from most other Mayan pyramids. Another building from Colmacalco, showing some remaining stucco. There are several small groups on the open area of this interesting site.
Some carving remained at the acropolis. Part of a tomb, that had been robbed and the sarcophagus taken, shows great similarity to the tomb of Pakal. The Nine Lords, depicted on the sides of Pakal’s sarcophagus are shown here on the walls.
An overview of the site from top of the hill that houses the Palacio. Some of the clay bricks at the site had primitive etchings on them. Others had marks that are almost identical to those used by masons in Old Rome.
The small museum at the site has some interesting artifacts taken from the

site, including these unusual heads, all larger than life-size, of men and gods. Note the bearded man at the left. (Click each for a better view)


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Our skin is one part of the body that is always exposed to a number of elements. Even when we are sleeping, the skin can get irritated by the pillow cover or the blankets we use. When we are out on the move, the pollution in the air, the sun’s rays, or even the water we use to bathe, all affect the skin in multiple ways.

It is not easy to take care of this biggest organ of the body. This is why one has to follow a number of skin care routines, based on their age, skin type, the place they live in or even the climatic changes.

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How To Choose

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