Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui does not appear on most world maps, but its ancient giant stone heads and statues are internationally recognized icons for the mysteries of the past.

If shown, it will be a tiny dot in the southern Pacific Ocean, called Easter Island or Isla de Pascua. Developing outside the mainstream of early explorers, zealous missionaries and modern cruise ships, this isolated island has a mind of its own. Some of the mysteries of Rapa Nui are being solved, or at least being answered with educated guesses. Much is still the subject of controversy among anthropologists, archaeologists, mystics, historians and locals. Most of the 2,800 residents are more concerned about how to live in today’s world, protecting and sharing their limited resources.

Rapa Nui is one of those places that invade our consciousness at an early age. As a 12-year-old sitting in a dormered bedroom in Kansas City, I wondered how those huge rock carvings, some over 30 feet tall, were made and moved to their seaside platforms. The fascination remains


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As one gets older, the first signs are shown on the skin. No matter what makeup one resorts to, the aging skin cannot be hidden forever. However, one can take precautionary measures and care for the skin to keep the aging signs at bay.

There are many across the counter solutions like the GojiCream that helps in reversing the aging of the skin, one can take many other precautionary steps to prevent each part of the body from showing signs of aging.

Keep Aging Signs At Bay


For neck that looks saggy or has multiple folds due to age, use a moisturizing lotion that is rich in peptides for collagen. This will improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce the folds.

One can even get a professional Botox treatment done to restore the youth of the skin

Wear a nice big neckpiece that will not only cover your neck but will also draw all the attention away from the wrinkles and folds. The attention will be on the neckpiece, thereby ignoring the skin.


Hair thinning and balding is one of the major concerns for people. Today, premature balding is one of the most common sights.  To prevent hair fall, use well reputed products that help control hair fall. These products may be expensive but they can help. Take blood tests to ensure there are no other hidden health issues related to thinning hair.

One can even opt for a hair transplant, which is not only expensive but is known to be painful too. Though this process is effective, it takes time before you can flaunt a head full of hair.

In order to hide the hair thinning areas, try to part your hair on the other side or wear it up. When hair is bunched up into a pony or a bun, the thinness will not be obvious.

Hand Spots

To get rid of those spots that is mainly the result of sun damage, hydrate well. Ensure your hands never go dry. Carry a hand cream with you always, and keep massaging it into your skin from time to time.

One can even opt for laser treatments that can slowly but surely get rid of these spots.

For immediate remedy, wear gloves to hide the hands. There are many designs and models available. These will not only hide the spots but make you look classy and elegant too

Cracked Heels

Heel cracks can look ugly and even ruin the appearance of your expensive shoes. To reduce this crack, use a prescribed cream or lotion that helps such a condition. Massage the cream into your feet everyday without fail. Also buy comfortable shoes, even if it means compromising on your style statement.

Cortisone injections can help with severe heel pain and help you be back on your feet in no time. Though one can take these injections without a side effect, one cannot rely on these injections completely as it may lead to over dosage.

Wear shoes that cover your feet completely. Until the cracks reduce, try wearing boots or shoes.