One of your iVillage Fat Flush© Community Leaders …

One of your iVillage Fat Flush© Community Leaders … 

Here are a few changes in addition to weight loss that I’ve noticed:

  • Cholesterol down 42 points (18%), triglycerides down 133 points (47%), substantially improved LDL/HDL ratio. All within acceptable ranges.
  • Before Fat Flush© I frequently had minor joint and muscle pains. They occur only rarely now.
  • I had plantar fasciitis (heel pain) so severe I could hardly walk in the morning and even wore night splints to help. It has disappeared completely, almost from the beginning.
  • I was taking Prilosec for acid stomach and GERD. With doctor’s OK, I stopped and have had no problems.
  • I stopped using my hormone patch, again with doctor’s OK.
  • I can do a shoulderstand (though I have to roll up from a seated position), get up from the floor without using my hands (not gracefully yet) and put on my pants without holding on to something for balance. (Updates: 12/5/03, did shoulderstand from flat start on floor for the first time in my life! 4/23/04, actually tapped floor with each foot in Plough. Can’t recall last time that happened.)
  • My hair, skin and nails all seem in better condition.
  • I weigh less than my husband for the first time in decades.
  • The first week, my badly swollen ankles receded to absolutely normal.
  • My posture is much improved.
  • Two years and a bit after starting FF my long distance and mid-range vision has improved considerably. Close-up still fine. My doctor says it may be due to change and diet and supplements as well as “keeping active.”


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Skin is one of the most precious commodities when it comes to an individual. A person will be ready to try any number of remedies or solutions to fix skin issues and if analyzed, skin care could be consuming a major part of your personal expenses.

As one ages, the skin problems start coming up one by one, demanding our attention. though one may have ignored the warning signs when they were young, they cannot continue to do so when they hit adulthood. As one ages, it becomes important to take good care of your skin as this is where the first signs of aging occurs. Though one can use GojiCream and maintain their skin, it is important to take proper care.

Signs To Look Out For

Wondering how to identify aging skin? Have you been ignoring the following warnings?

  • Skin Folds On Neck

The neck is one of the most neglected regions of the body. One may spend a lot on a variety of creams, but the application stops with the face. Very rarely does one spend time massaging a cream into their neck. This is because the neck is not exposed much unless fully extended.

This being the case, the neck can start showing signs of aging much before other parts of the body. As the skin loses elasticity, it will form fold and more so on the neck as this part of the skin is very delicate.

  • Sagging Breasts

The breasts are made of soft tissues which tend to lose elasticity very easily too. This is one of the major concerns and giveaway signs for a woman. As one ages, the estrogen production comes down, leading to sagging breasts.

  • Spots

As the skin ages and gets exposed to sun, the damage shows up in the form of spots. One can see older people with spots on their hands. This is because of a reduction in the levels of collagen that makes the veins stand out more prominently.  Extended exposure can cause these spots to occur much earlier.

  • Feet Get Sore

During younger years, one tends to be physically active and be on their feet a lot. Women flaunt high heels at this age.  As one ages, the feet start losing their strength and show signs of aging in the form of pains and aches. The heel and the ball of the feet start aching. One can even experience flat foot as the arch in the foot starts reducing with age.

  • Dark Circles

Dark circles under your eyes are not the result of a long night or a week of sleepless nights alone. As one ages, the delicate skin under the eyes begin to wrinkle and lose their elasticity. They get saggy and darker with age. Straining the eyes too much in front of a monitor can also result in such skin damage.

  • Wrinkles

Wrinkles are the biggest giveaways for aged skin. As the collagen levels decrease in the body, the skin starts wrinkling and bunching up.

One can avoid or at least prolong the aging of skin by taking proper care at a younger age. The perfect way to care for the skin is to be preventive rather than go for remedies once the problem shows up. A well maintained skin looks younger for longer time.