Finance Funda

Finance Funda

One word that either brings joy or can bring misery in someone’s life is the Finance!! Everyone understands the value of it, only at 2 circumstances, when you get it in the most unexpected way and when you lose it in the most unexpected way!!

Finance is simply the management of money. When its managed in a small way, we call it money, but when it comes to a larger scale, we call it a finance. Finances are the way a company or an organization maintains money and its transactions.

There are few companies, which look cleaner and glossy on the outer, while on the inner side they will push you below your capacity. The recent app, Infinity App Software, which is a  forex trading platform is found to be a Scam!!

Why? Well, no business will live a short-lived life; only someone hungry for money can do this! This business is going to shut down soon, without a business plan and frame, without solid research and without having a destination to go!

Finances are only for Companies:

Well, this is a wrong, misconception! Finances are not only dealt with by companies, even the small household expense is called a finance. So, the basic expenses, income, and deductions are common here.

Assets can be created and used for any purpose, there are financial management broker and advisors who can help you in asset management.

Capital Market:

This is the first market, where the stocks movement and the interest charged on bonds and stocks are decided. This refers to the market where people can invest through banks, stocks, mutual funds, insurance companies and others. these small details can be analyzed to give you a better picture of the scenario, where the money is used for investment purpose.

Interest payment:

Any investment taken from clients will ask for an interest to be paid. Or if you are lending a money to various companies, in the form of bonds, the company is liable to pay you the internet charges. As an investor, you will gain money from investing in bonds and mutual funds.

For those who are getting into the business and wants to borrow money, this means that you need to pay a small interest charge for the business to happen. A small business might not get into the bracket of gaining interest, rather will be underpaying interest or having to pay some charges, while a big company can earn interest and also pay interest for the money taken by investors and also gain by investing in various other companies.